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Interested in removing your tattoo? Thanks to revolutionary technology, our Enlighten™ Laser system can safely and effectively remove what you’d like to forget and do over. 

About Our Center

Trilogy Health uses the most advanced laser system on the market, Enlighten™ for tattoo removal. This laser uses extremely short and high-power picosecond laser technology for safe, quick and efficient break down of the ink particles in the tattoo. Our services are overseen by Dr. Ellyn Levine and her experienced team of medical providers

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Learn About Enlighten Technology

Laser Tattoo Removal at its Best!

ADVANCED & Powerful Laser System

Want to know more about the Enlighten™ and why it is so powerful, efficient and 40% faster than most other laser technologies on the market?

Check out our Before and After Pictures

See for yourself how effective this laser tattoo removal process is in our gallery of before and after pictures.

Multi-colored tattoo? No problem!

Our safe and advanced laser system, the Enlighten™ is so effective that even multi-colored tattoos can be treated more completely and in fewer treatment sessions than the traditional laser technology used in the past.

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Ready to say good-bye to your unwanted tattoo? Simply call now or fill out our contact form and we will promptly get you scheduled with one of our laser tattoo removal experts.





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